VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It's a programming language that enables you to control just about everything in Excel. You'll learn how to create Macros that can be run from things like a button on a spreadsheet, the Excel Ribbon - in fact, lots of places. Learning Excel VBA will enable you to do a lot more with the software than you can via the normal spreadsheet view.
Who Should Attend
You don't need to be an Excel Guru to take this course, just average Excel skills will do. If you're new to Excel then this is not the place to start.

Course Content
Excel Macro Training - VBA Programming Level

1 Introduction to Programming

1. Quick Review of Macros

2. Understanding the VBA Editor a. The Visual Basic Editor b. Parts of the VBA Editor c. Modules and Macros

3. Understanding Macro Code a. The Anatomy of a Macro b. Running the Macro from VBA c. Utilities for efficient running of Macros
B. VBA Syntax and Grammer

4. Objects – The Grammar

5. Using Properties and Methods

6. Understanding Parameters

7. The Object Browser

8. Understanding object hierarchy 9. Tools for better coding 10. Moving to Other Cells 11. Editing Specific Cells C. One Liners through the Immediate Window 12. Using the Immediate Window 13. Gaining greater control through the immediate window 14. Formatting Cells 15. Using Variables 16. Constants 17. Object Variables 18. Dimensioning and usage of variables 19. Displaying data and obtaining data from the user D. Decision Making with VBA 20. The IF Statement 21. Nested IF Statements 22. The Select Case Statements 23. Different Types E. Creating Functions with VBA 24. Functions 25. Pass by Value (ByVal) and Pass by Reference (ByRef) 26. Optional Arguments 27. Creating Custom Functions 28. Giving help to custom functions
F. Repeating Actions with a Loop 29. Do While and Do Until Loops and their variations 30. FOR – NEXT LOOP - Using Loops Effectively 31. Coding Examples using Loops
G. Event handling
32. Assigning macros to events
33. Cancelling events

Functions Declaring functions Passing arguments
Debugging and error handling Setting breakpoints Stepping through macros ON ERROR statements
Forms Drawing forms Attaching macros to controls Validating form input
Referencing other applications Links to Word or Access Working with files and folders

Course duration: 4days for 5 hours daily