MS PowerPoint Full Training Course (Basic to Advance)


Microsoft PowerPoint has become an industry standard for efficiently communicating information to an assembled group of people. PowerPoint is full of features which allow you to present information in a concise and exciting format. Most presenters, however, only scratch the surface of all that is available when creating a PowerPoint presentation. -Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most well-known and powerful presentation tools used to create and deliver professional presentations. Who Should Attend?
 New users with limited (or no) experience of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.
 Self-taught or casual users who would like to improve their skills, knowledge and confidence.
 Sales Executives
 Business Owners
 Mangers
 Account Executives
 Anyone who uses PowerPoint to inform and persuade
 Presenters
 Instructional Designers
After completing this course, participants will be able to,
 Start and end a PowerPoint session.
 Edit a presentation.
 Create different types of slides.
 Use the Outline tab.
 Add Clipart to a slide.
 Format slides and use templates.
 Use the Slide Sorter to reorganize a presentation.
 Apply Tables and Charts to a presentation.
 Print various components of a presentation.
 Run a slide show.


Course Content

1. Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
1. Starting Microsoft PowerPoint
2. Normal View
3. Creating a Presentation
4. Saving a Document
5. The Status Bar
6. Closing a Presentation
2. The Ribbon
1. The Ribbon
2. Tabs
3. Groups
4. Commands
3. The Quick Access Toolbar
1. Adding Common Commands
2. Adding More Commands with the Customize Dialog Box
3. Adding Ribbon Commands or Groups
4. Placement
4. The File Tab
1. Introduction to the File Tab
2. Opening a Presentation
3. New Presentations and Presentation Templates
4. Getting Help
5. Adding Your Name to Microsoft PowerPoint
5. Formatting Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
1. Selecting a Slide Layout
2. Adding Text
3. Editing Text
4. Formatting Text
5. Formatting Text Placeholders
6. Adding Slides to a Presentation
7. Arranging Slides
6. Working with Images
1. Adding Images to a Slide
2. Inserting a Picture
3. Inserting Clip Art
4. Capturing and Inserting a Screenshot
5. Editing an Image
6. Formatting Images
7. Rotating and Resizing an Image
8. Grouping and Ungrouping Images
9. Arranging Images
10. Adding Shapes

7. Working with Tables and Charts
1. Inserting a Table
2. Formatting Tables
3. Using Tables from Other Microsoft Office Applications
4. Inserting a Chart
5. Formatting a Chart
6. Using Charts from Other Microsoft Office Applications
8. Finalizing Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
1. Checking Spelling
2. Accessing Different Views of a Presentation
3. Organizing a Presentation in Sections
4. Adding Transitions to Slides
5. Adding Speaker Notes
6. Running a Slide Show
7. Printing a Presentation

Course duration: 3days for 5 hours