Information Management Data Fundamentals

Course Introduction:

This unit introduces participants to a range of skills, techniques, technologies and fundamental computer science concepts related to managing data within software systems. Participants will learn how to organize data, efficiently search and sort information, as well as apply techniques to optimize these operations. Data management is a critical component in most software systems – knowledge and skills gained in this unit can be applied to a range of different solution domains from enterprise systems to smaller desktop and mobile applications. Who Should Attend
o Anyone interested to learn the basics of information management
o Anyone who works in a specific area of information management and needs to learn about related IM disciplines and practices
o is preparing for in-depth study in one or more areas of IM
o needs to understand IM to be more effective in business or IT management After completing this course, participants will be able to,
o the broad scope of information management including fourteen disciplines
o the dependencies that exist among information management disciplines
o the “what, why, and who” for each of the IM disciplines
o the people, process and technology factors of each IM discipline
o several roles and opportunities for IM professionals

Course Content

About the Course Information Management Overview
o Information Management Defined
o The Scope of Information Management
Data Modeling and Metadata Management
o Understanding the Data
o Data Modeling
o Metadata Management

Content Management and Enterprise Information Management
o Information Supply and Demand
o Content Management
o Enterprise Information Management
Data Quality and Data Governance
o Data Utility
o Data Quality
o Data Governance
Data Integration, Data Warehousing, and MDM
o Data Resource Consolidation
o Data Integration
o Data Warehousing
o Master Data Management
Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Performance Management
o Applied Information
o Business Intelligence
o Business Analytics
o Performance Management
Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
o Discovery and Inference
o Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
o Information Management Professionals

Course duration: 3 days for 5 hours daily